Antipasto 16.jpg


Brandywine gazpacho 10

Green Zebra gazpacho 12

Maine lobster 5 supplement

Caprese: rainbow of heirloom tomatoes, fresh bufala mozzarella, basil 18

Bruschetta: Mix cherry heirloom,  garlic rubbed grilled Enzo’s cafone bread 12

Ricotta & sun dried tomatoes stuffed zucchini blossom 10

San Marzano eggplant parmigiana, fresh bufala mozzarella 13

Pork Chop, burrata, crispy pork skin, wild garden arugula 16





Pineapple carpaccio, wild blue fin tuna tartar, avocado, wild baby arugula 19

Hokkaido scallop, Green Zebra agua chile, cilantro blossoms  19



Black cod,  Red Zebra, corn, cilantro, opal basil  18

Grilled octopus San Marzano mole sauce, mix cherry heirlooms  19



Pizza Margherita - pureed San Marzano, basil, fresh bufala mozzarella 20

Pizza Gialla - burrata, sungold cherry tomatoes,  opal basil  22



Caramelle: burrata & mozzarella filled pasta, Red Cherry, basil 18

Spaghetti clams, oven dried Amish Gold & Sweet Million 16

Gnocchi, wild gulf shrimp, chanterelle mushrooms, smoked Black Cherokee 18

Orecchiette San Marzano pork sugo 16

Bea’s organic capitelli, Maine lobster, Caltrans orange-basil sauce  22

Spaghetti pomodoro Roma & basil  12



Beef meatballs San Marzano ragu 10


Our family is from Naples, Italy.  The tomato in innumerable combinations has been on our table since childhood.  This year we planted 80 plants, 24 varieties.

Each week we bring a different selections of plates depending on which plants give fruit, and availability.  We hope you’ll enjoy!

Buon Appetito, Mario & Sal