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Champagne Lovers Unite

February 19, 2022



All grower champagne, many Special Club.

What is Special Club? creme de la creme.

Special Club Champagne is the highest tier of classification that grower Champagnes can achieve.

Established in 1971, the official name is Club de Trésors, or Club of Treasures.

The process to become a Special Club Champagne is practically as laborious as the process of making Champagne. The wines must pass two rigorous stages of selection. Before that happens, members gather each February to taste each other’s still wines from the previous vintage. The members vote on whether to declare a vintage year, which would mean that the vintage was outstanding, and worthy enough of a vintage-dated Champagne. The vote must be unanimous. Only 2000 bottles produced each year     


So without getting more technical, I'll leave that to your hosts from Grace Under Pressure,

let me say "Champagne Lovers Unite" and reserve your place.

Seats are limited. This will be a dinner you don't want to miss and the price is a no brainer.

Menu details in progress.


$250 per person

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