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Here is how it works!


A fabulous dinner for two, paired with two bottles of wines

will be delivered before 6pm.

 Sal Marino and our featured host will gather with you and the other guests on Zoom for about a 30 minute conversation 

to celebrate the food, wine and human connection.

Then, you eat, drink and enjoy!




Previous Events

Hirsch with Jasmine Hirsch

Eottore Germano with Sergio Germano

Caduceus with Maybard Keenan

 Autonomy Farms with Meredith Bell and Anthill Farms Winery with Anthony Filiberti

La Voix and Palmina Winery with Steve Clifton

Castello di Verrazzano with Maria Sole Cappellini

Tablas Creek with Jason Haas and Nathan Stuart 

Sandhi Wines with Rajat Parr

Burgundy's with Paul Wasserman

Mastroberardino with Piero Mastroberardino

more events coming soon

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