Sunday March 29 


WE ARE OPEN  11am-8pm

Instagram @chefsalmarino  for FARMERS MARKET produce

We’re offering our own ‘no contact delivery’ to your doorstep for our Hancock Park neighbors made by our employees. 

It’s safer, faster and more cost efficient.

Let’s keep our staff employed. Oh, please forward this to your family and friends.



all in 32oz



White Carrot Soup $20

Minestrone Soup $15

Kandarian Farm Lentil Soup, sage & garlic  $15

Fresh English Pea Soup $30


All above are VEGAN and made daily

Stracciatella Soup $15


Marinara $15

Spicy Arrabbiata $15

Beef Bolognese $20

White Chicken Bolognese $20

Vodka Pink Sauce $20

Black Truffle Sauce $25


Lobster Pescatore Sauce $28 (Maine lobster, USA wild shrimp, calamari, clams, black mussels)

Prepared Meals

Eggplant Parm $55 for 12 portion pan

Meat Lasagna $90 for 12 portion pan

Grilled 12 oz Angus NY Steak Tagliata with arugula, shaved parmigiano $28

Chicken Milanese cutlet $8 ea.

FARMERS MARKET SPECIAL Grilled Salmon, Japanese spinach, spring garlic, zucchini sauce $24

FARMERS MARKET SPECIAL Local rock cod, caper, lemon, garlic & butter sauce, mix veggies $22

FARMERS MARKET SPECIAL Grilled Portobello mushroom, arugula salad-cherry tomato salad  $14

FARMERS MARKET SPECIAL Burrata, english peas, asparagus, pea tendrils and arugula salad $16

FARMERS MARKET SPECIAL Roasted baby torpedo beets, fresh mozzarella, lolla rossa salad $16

FARMERS MARKET SPECIAL Zuckerman Farms jumbo asparagus – grilled or steamed  $12

FARMERS MARKET SPECIAL Pea tendrils sautéed with spring garlic and Calabrian chili $10

Chicken Meatballs or 100% Beef Meatballs  6 for $15 or 12 for $30.  vacuum packed. OK to freeze

It’s Sunday. Governor Cuomo said it best. 

Today is the day of spaghetti and meatballs at home w family

100% Beef Meatballs  6 for $15 or 12 for $30. Ragu Sauce $15/$20


Tiramisu’ $

Dad’s Ricotta Cheesecake $7    

Cannoli (2) $7

Apple Strudel $7


Pantry Staples

Dry pasta $3/lb (spaghetti, linguine, penne)

Penne di Gragnano $8

Grated 24 month Parmigiano Reggiano  $8

Prosciutto di Parma $20 1/2lb

Fresh baked baguettes $4

Fresh Bufala Mozzarella $4 each

Organic whole milk $5

Whole milk $3

Lily’s Heirloom organic eggs $15 /dozen

Large Red Apples $1 each 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Umbria D.O.P. $15

Gluten Free Penn $4

Egg Fettuccine $4

San Pellegrino sodas

(lemon, aranciata, clementine peach) $2 ea. or $10 six pack



Yours for 50% off (excludes rare vintage and old)

We have a nice selection of white and red wines for $15-$20-$25... Peroni beer $10/6pack





Please respect safe social distancing when picking up 😊

Stay safe.  Stay home.  Stay close to your loved ones. 



323 466 8812



6001 Melrose Ave

Hollywood, CA 90038

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Monday to Friday

12.30am - 2pm and  

5pm - 10pm


5pm - 10pm

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